About Kabusha Ridgebacks

Kabusha came to life when Karen Orth and I purchased littermates Enna & Costa in early 2002. We quickly became friends and decided we needed a kennel name, which of course need to start with the letter K. Kabusha seemed like the perfect fit, it means "a new or a fresh" in Zulu. Zulu is the language in South African that was used the name our dog's relatives. Our goal was to produce dogs with wonderful temperaments that were both healthy and beautiful. Given both of our backgrounds in the science fields we spent hours doing research and discussing the possibilities of how we wanted to accomplish this.

It was decided that we would not limit ourselves to dog in the US, but to search worldwide for the best matches. To date breeding have been done with dogs from the US, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, and the Czech Republic. Our lives have taken different paths on our journey and I have taken the main role in the breeding of Kabusha RRs.

My Ridgeback's are my joy and passion. The journey of Kabusha RR will hopefully continue for many years as we continue to expand our ridgeback family. Kabusha has been blessed with the wonderful puppy families that have become dear friends.