Kabusha Dreams Come True

OWNERSRosemary Teel & Kim Ellsmore
BREEDER Kim Ellsmore

Fauna/Funny Girl is a gentle soul that lives with my dear friend Rosemary Teel. She is a littermate to Hansel. Fauna was not the least bit interested in the show ring but has the kindness and grace of her mother and grandmother. Her looks remind me so much of Kaba's mother Ye Japha Asabi. Fauna has been a wonderful addition and has produce some amazing puppies.

From her co-owner Rosemary: "From when I first saw her with those long ears framing her puppy face to her subtle sense of humor as an adult she always makes me smile…..and that is how she got her nickname. She has settled in with my Aussies as the regal Queen of the Couch. She kept my husband company during his last 2 ˝ years. Then she became mother of a very nice litter which included Bach.

In addition to all this, she is "Locator in Chief" for squirrels and Leader in the race around the yard. Her ability to communicate with me has allowed her to become a very good trainer of humans. Her most recent goal seems to be convincing me that she should be allowed to herd ducks. As her co-owner, my goal is to start her in nose work scent training and if time permits in barn hunt.
- Rosemary Teel